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  • Condition:Used
  • Category:FORMERS
  • Type:METAL
  • Manufacturer:TRANSFLUID
  • Model:REB 420-GRSM-2-2-VA
  • YOM:2001
  • Location:Spain, BARCELONA
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  • ID:AS25469
Offer extreme degrees of forming, complex geometries
and fast tool changing. The tool sequence is positioned horizontally
or vertically by a servo motor. With up to eight forming stages,
additional clamping unit and hydraulic-numerical control, it is able to
fulfill virtually any requirements.
It is controlled via a touch panel with integrated data storage, which
you can use to retrieve and save machine parameters.
fully automatic special machine for shaping and threading pipe ends. Combined with charging unit, forming two axial heads, two heads threading a transfer system pilgrim step type and a discharge unit.


Pipes: diameter of 7 to 12 mm.

-Thickness maximum 1.5 mm.

-length Maximum 60 mm form.

-length maximum 40 mm screw.

-length of maximum 760 mm tubes.

• distance between two rings minimum 190 mm.

-Cycle approximately 7 seconds to a length of shaped and threaded over 20 mm.

Machine data:

-pressure nominal 250 bar.

-pressure Working 200 bar.

-Voltage 400 Volt 50 Hz. 3 phases.

Length 2,500 mm.

I anchor 1,800 mm.

1,400 mm high.

weighing about 2,650 Kg.

Lubrication unit MSP-1H (2).

Microlubrication units.
Minimal lubrication unit without loss of oil.
Lubrication outside the tube and the tools before the forming operation.
Each includes an injection point.
Includes tank 25 L. SCH M-25-H
The machine described includes the requested changes. Bone a different feed system parts without chain is best and fastest way to a steady stream of progress is used. Efforts are also more space for changing tools.
Shaped axial tools.

2 SKB-420-10 jaws 10 mm. in diameter and 80 mm length.
Two forming tools for forming ring adjustable length 5 to 20 mm. for the 9.4 mm tube. diameter.
2 TWBM10-13 studsaver dieheads by roll forming exterior threading tube 10 to 12 mm. diameter.
TR13 one set of rollers for threading of 13 mm. adaptable to the head diameter TWB10-13.
Tools for making and internal thread formed portavex.

One forming tool (only one side of the tube) and a length forming.
1 SBK 420-10 10 10 mm jaws. in diameter and 80 mm length with the end of the tube integrated form.
Carrier-827-110 1 GRSM male threading inside M4 to M10. interchangeable male
Machine equipped by the standards of the EEC.

It comes with documentation
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