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  • Condition:New
  • Manufacturer:STANKO
  • Model:5A284
  • YOM:2017
  • Location:Russian Federation, Moscow
  • Price:On request
  • Stock No:-
  • Control:Manual
  • ID:AS28282
Spiral bevel gear milling machine 5A284

It is used for the production of bevel gears with helical teeth, in highly loaded gears for cement equipment, gears of mining machines, gears of bevel crushers, globoid gears and other mechanisms

Spiral bevel gear machine 5A284 was developed to generate conical helical gears, zero conical gears and hypoid gears with maximum diameter of 1600 mm and maximum modul of 30 Machining is performed by face-type gear cutter head, using the methods of generation and approach cutting. Model 5A284 have very high accuracy, the machine ensures class 7 or more depending on the cut format adopted. As option machine can be equipped SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 control system, SIMODRIVE 611U Drive.
Work piece diameter, mm - 1600
Module, mm - 30
Number of teeth of the gear 10-150
Diameter of gear cutting heads, mm 450; 500; 630; 800; 1000
Width of face, mm 250
Min. pitch angle, deg 5-45
Max. pitch cone radius, mm 710
Max. whole tooth depth, mm 60
Max. hypoid offset, mm 260
Diameter of tapered hole in workhead spindle, mm 200
Distance between workhead spindle face and machine centre, mm 400-1150
Max. radius between the tool spindle and the cradle centreline, mm 640
Speed of tool spindle rotation, rpm 8-62
Time to generate one tooth, min 0.4-21
Approach cutting feed at the 800 mm radius, mm/min 2.5-135.5
Rating of primary motion electric motor, kW 15
Electric power supply (rated capacity), kVA 36
Weight of the machine, kg 43000

Max. Raederdurchmesser, mm - 1600
Max. Modul, mm - 30
Max. Raederbreite (Zahnbreite), mm - 250
Fraesbare Zaehnezahl - 10-150
Distanz Werkstueckspindel/Kegelspitze, mm - 400-1150
43000 kg
Dealer name:
STANKOTRADING Russian Federation, Saratov
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