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  • Condition:Used
  • Category:GEAR SHAPERS
  • Type:N/C & CNC
  • Manufacturer:LORENZ
  • Model:LFS 282
  • YOM:1999
  • Location:United States, Chicago
  • Price:On request
  • Stock No:10842
  • Control:CNC
  • ID:AS20608

General Specifications
Table diameter 320mm
Table bore diameter/depth 150/350mm
Max. table speed 30 rev/min
Max. toothing diameter 280mm
Max. diameter internal gearing 280mm
Max. diameter inner teeth 250mm
Outer diameter wheelbase cutter spindle to work table 280mm
Radial velocity infinitely programmable 0-3,750mm/min
Total weight (basic machine) 13000 Kg
Ambient temperature 15-38deg C
Machine stand:
Axial travel 250mm
Cutting spindle head carriage:
Traversing-stroke position 250mm
Max. traversing 1800mm/min
Max. swivel angle 12 deg.
Drive power 22kW
Max. Module sapping 6mm
Spindle shaft diameter 90
Max. stroke 100
Stroke 80-1200 cycles/min
Max. tool diameter 240mm
Max. spindle speed 30 rev/min
Axis angle adjustment head butt/vertical _/-0.5deg. Spindle: Min. Stroke 0 mm Max. Stroke 100mm Max.Verzahnbreite (straight teeth,standard cams) 87mm Adjustment max. 600 mm/min

Motor Specifications
Not Available

Equipped With
Small hydraulic unit
Hydrostatics, lubrication
Coolant System
Indramat Drives AC Control:
Liebherr CNC LH90 V4 based on a PC-NC, Integrated soft PLC control & Decentralized PLC peripheral via Probivus DP, Brand WAGO. PLC SIEMENS STEP 5 programming language Built-in floppy disk drive INDRAMAT drives w/SERCOS interface to the CNC.
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Stock 1
3 2 3
Screen: 10" Color TFT display Prompt:
Prompt type 2 and dialog programming with the use of WINDOWS - Metric system of measurement switch cable/inch
Remote diagnostics Liebherr control LH90-V4
Recording and graphic display of internal control, machine and driving conditions
Error logging and error analysis and oscilloscope, Review and possible modification of NC program, Review and possible modifications of the PLC program
PLC configuration (activate the option) Software update, Communication with the operator, Remote diagnostics of charge during the warranty.
Operating & Control voltage:
Operation voltage 415 V +/-10%, 50Hz +/-2%
Net form: TN system in accordance with DIN VDE 0100, T300 control voltage 24 V DC.
Straight guide:
Straight guide in standard accuracy w/hydrostatic bearing for Mfg of spur gears.
Automatic adjustment of the retraction:
Adjustment for two-web automatically switching to one of the two cam tracks. Used forswitching to the retraction Internal or External teeth.
Electronic handwheel: For NC Axes
Signal exchange:
Signal exchange for external automation by description "Standard - Exchange of signals for external automation: Electrical interface: Parallel E/A-Interface, PLC outputs with optocoupler (isolated), voltage signal 24VDC, wired to a 24-pole multi-socket mounting on the transfer point for automation.
U.S. Service socket:
Installation of a U.S. Service outlet (110V) under the control panel (outside)
Hydraulic control unit:
Hydraulic control unit for clamping device, consisting of valves and pressure switch brand Rexroth. Adjusting without lock. For this purpose, hydraulic pressure supply required.
Coolant cleaning with wire filter:
Filter System without filter cartridges to clean the coolant apparatus for flushing. Edge filter with gap width 50 microns. Motorized between filter cleaning. Manual disposal of the filter cake. Extended filter intervals than conventional filter cartridges.
Chip Conveyor:
Chip conveyor with magnetic roller, drop height 650mm
Spray Gun:
To rinse with wet machining chips
Platen Force 12 kN:
Increase of the counter-holder force to max. 12 kN one adjustable.
Stock 1
3 2 3
Backrest GS 05.1 H-450:
Backrest with hydraulically moveable backrest slide. Manually adjustable backrest force, max. 8 kN suitable for thrusting of internal gears.
Hydraulic tensioner:
Clamping cylinders in the machine table. Manually adjustable clamping pressure for clamping force to 80 kN. Second pressure level to release the device at Quick-change device.
Ring Loader Automation:
Ring loader RL02 with 2 retractable workpiece pockets; suitable for workpieces max workpiece weight per bag; to 180/280mm diameter. 35kg Backrest GS05 H-450 required.
Parallel Gripper for RL02:
2 Parallel gripper suitable manually adjustable to 180/280mm workpiece diameter.
For Gearing 11,12,13,14,15,16: Chuck
Chuck for expanding holder tension and centering on Collet including workpiece support. For this purpose, basic device or base flange required with drawbar. Data from table interchangeable parts.
Adapter flange:
Adapter flange with drawbar for hydraulically actuated chuck for this purpose, hydraulic tensioning device required.
Means for driving or for positioning of the cutting wheel.
Tool mounting device:
Tool fixture with SK-recording for the external clamping of the tool on the tool holder. Suitable for multiple machines SK same recording.
Standard program "Shaping":
Two flank Full circle shaping at a stroke position for exterior or interior gearings in pushing or pulling method.
Additional program "Multi-Edit": For up to 5 operations in a single setup. The sequence of operations is input by the user graphically supported. The standard program shaping or additional programs item poking, axials and radial turning and chamfering can be integrated. Measurement system: Can be switched between metric and inches.

Serial Number
FN7016 Year
1999 Location
Dealer name:
Gray Machinery Co United States, Prospect Heights, Illinois (Chicago)
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