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Clarke Chapman, Thompson Wolverhampton, FRICTION, WELDERS
  • Condition:Used
  • Category:WELDERS
  • Manufacturer:Clarke Chapman
  • Model:Thompson Wolverhampton
  • YOM:1977
  • Location:Spain, Amorebieta
  • Price:On request
  • Stock No:-
  • Control:CNC
  • ID:AS28088
Friction welding machine with sliding head for different pipe size ranges. Year 1977. It works correctly. It has its own power equipment, security system, etc. Label Thompson Wolverhampton. Model 50. The main engine has been replaced in 2015
Head Unit
Number off: 1
Type: Single Head Sliding
Number off:1
Manufacturer: Newman
Type: C250M/DC34K2/4BB
Power: 37.5 kW
Speed: 1475/740 rev/min
Spindle Speed: 1162-581 rev/min
Forge Cylinder
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin
Type: 203.2mm-D-2H-R-2-9-M-304.8mm
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Wichita
Type: ATD 208 Special Ventilated and driving ring with continuous circle air tube (2spud). Hub bore 049 (H8) and keywayed for 14x9 key.
Number off: 2
Manufacturer: Twiflex
Type: CE 1/2 Hydraulic
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Pratt Burnerd
Type: 3-jaw open centre wdge type 315mm dia.
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: NEI Thompson Friction Welding
Type: Self centring
Clamp cylinder
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin
Type: 177.8mm J-2HRS19-60.3mm. Ports position 2. Air bledds position 1. Metric thread in rod end M58X2 Style X Mounting Dimm. W=1 1/4"
Flash Removal
Number of cylinders: 1
Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin
Type: 38.1mm. (F&H). 3L-R-S-1-4-W-C. 88.9mm. (Refer to drg 041/16-AO18 for special features).
Toolholder: Sandvic 177.3 - 3232 - 27 Right Hand (Refer to drg 041/16-AO41 for Modification)
Disposable Tip: Sandvic TNMA 270616 - 315 Sandvic TNMG 270616 - 135
Hydraulic Power Pack
Number off: 1
Vane pump
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Vickers Racine Ltd.
Type: Variable Volume Pump PSV-RSCO 40 HRD
Capacity: 100 litres per min
Pressure: Clamp pressure 65 bar Idling Pressure 45 bar.
Gear Pump
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Vickers Racine Ltd.
Capacity: 19 libres per min.
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Crompton Parkinson
Type: D160ML TEFC
Power: 11.1 kW
Speed: 1500 rev/min
Electrical supply 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Fawcett
Type: Model No. C33
Capacity: 4.5 libre Pre-charge 9 bar Nitrogen
Slide Lubrication
Hydraulic pump
Number off: 1
Manufacturer: Sterling Hydraulics (Trabon)
Type: Double Acting HLJ25A. Single line progressive
Capacity: 0.66 bar (hydraulic)
Programme Timer
Number off: 1
Manufacturer Sterling Hydraulics
Type: 2002/M 110V. 50Hz. 5 cycles per hour
Electrical Supply: 380V. 3 Ph. 50Hz
Dealer name:
Agria Hispania Spain, Amorebieta
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