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  • Condition:Used
  • Category:WELDERS
  • Type:SPOT
  • Manufacturer:IDEAL
  • Model:CSR 201
  • YOM:1996
  • Location:Germany, Winterlingen DE - 72424
  • Price:On request
  • Stock No:219833
  • Control:CNC
  • ID:AS28415
Ideal CSR Typ. 201 - 21
wire mesh production line CSR
Project JIg welding machine
Year of manufacture 1996
Switch / control cabinet
Made in Germany
Control: W/Siemens Handheld Computer Control
Mounted In Enclosed Wire Cage Safety Structure
The coordinate welding machine CSR 201 is used for resisting point welding of sheet metal and wire products in stencils:
Work-piece dimensions:
Length max.1800 mm
Width max. 750 mm
Height max. 200 mm

X-axis for driving the welding unit according to the work piece length, with a base frame, hardened liner guides, serrated toothed rack system and servomotor with incremental encoder, travel max. 1800mm programmable, max. Travel speed 1500 mm / s Positioning accuracy +/- 0.2mm
Y axis
for driving the welding unit according to work piece width, with hardened linear guides, rack system and rotary servo motor with incremental encoder, travel max. 750 mm programmable, max. driving speed 1500mm / s positioning accuracy +/- 0.2mm
C console
for holding the welding cylinder, size 750mm
Welding cylinder lower pneumatic cylinder: electrode force 5900N (5bar) stroke 0-50 mm, with mechanical stroke adjustment upper pneumatic cylinder: electrode force 5.900N (5bar), total stroke 210mm
Dealer name:
Silicon Co. Ltd Germany, Bergkirchen - Gröbenried
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